Our Soaps

Octopus Car Wash Systems are the most unique in our industry.  Long gone are the concerns of our customers for the potential of damage done to vehicles using conventional brushes that scrub more than dirt off your vehicle.  We use soap formulated by our company in conjunction with water pressure  to loosen and remove dirt buildup on your vehicle’s surface.  Our Full Service Wash process also includes vacuuming, cleaning of interior and exterior windows, and complete towel drying of your vehicle’s exterior.  Octopus Car Wash has taken giant steps in the car wash industry by using our special wash process.  As “Ozzie” the Octopus always says: “A clean car rides better and lasts longer”.

Will my vehicle fit?

The maximum Height of any vehicle is 84”.  The maximum tire width is 12 inches at the widest point. Octopus does not take responsibility for non-standard or dealer added options.  If you have questions about your vehicle please come by and speak to a location manager.  

Are you "Green"?

We pride ourselves in our sensitive use of our water supplies.  The water used to wash a car at Octopus is softened and conserved.  In fact we use far less water to wash your car (approx. 30 Gals,) than most other car washes. Car washing in your front yard averages 162 gallons.  Our wash water and cleaning solutions are collected and deposited into the sanitary sewer system where it is treated and made environmentally safe. Wash water at home drains into the storm sewers and ends up in our streams and lakes.

What about my wheels?

Our computers ensure the proper application of cleaning solutions.  Wheel and white wall cleaners are applied followed by high-pressure rinsing to insure each part of your wheel is safely and properly cleaned.